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We are Santa Barbara electricians who are licensed and skilled in residential and commercial electric services. TOP Electrician Santa Barbara is a division of CEC Electrical Services.  After 25+ years of experience and a good reputation in the community, we branded into the “top” electrician in Santa Barbara CA. We are committed to serving you to the best of our ability every time.

Our expertise goes from the simple to the more complicated electrical repairs and light installation such as track lights, recessed lights, and landscape lights. We further work with room additions, new circuits, new constructions, and electrical remodel (wiring and rewiring). We are the electrical contractor you need for your home or a business project in Santa Barbara. Call (805) 243-1123.

Full-service Electrical Contractor in Santa Barbara and Nearby Cities

When you hire our team for any project you surely can expect us to be a quality full-service electrical contractor in Santa Barbara and surrounding cities. Our lead Santa Barbara electrician and his team have extensive experience in residential and commercial electrical projects around California. We are talking about wiring, rewiring, fuse boxes, circuit breakers upgrade and installations, EV charger installation, and generators to name a few.

At our practice, every project demands not just expertise and experience but also the capacity to inform and educate customers regarding the necessary tasks and their rationale. Unlike other Santa Barbara electrician, we devote additional time to educating you about the issue at hand, while providing a comprehensive overview of potential solutions and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are able to offer electrical services in Santa Barbara at highly competitive and affordable prices.

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Our Services

This picture shows electrical repairs

Electrical Repair

We are the doctors of your electrical system. You tell us the problem; we diagnose the cause and fix it. That is called electrical troubleshooting.

This picture shows ceiling fan installation in Santa Barbara

Ceiling Fan installation

We can install it in a blink. Save your time and money by helping to pick the most cost-effective ceiling fan available. Keeping your house cool does not have to be expensive!

This picture shows a light fixture installation in Santa Barbara

Indoor Light Installation

Recessed lights, track lights, undercabinet lights, vanity, and surface-mounted fixtures. Consider adding dimmers for the perfect ambiance and savings.

This picture shows outlet and GFCI installation

Outlets and GFCI

Install and repair of outlets and GFCI. Not only to be child proof, but GFCI’s are required in bathrooms, kitchen countertop area, garage, spa, and outdoor areas.

This picture shows wiring in Santa Barbara


Wiring for new outlets, new circuits, and new construction. We also do complete house rewiring for renovations and commercial rewiring.

This picture shows panel upgrade in Santa Barbara

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Is your current panel older than 20-30 years? Are you planning on major renovations? Upgrade or install an electrical panel with 200 Amp for safety, more circuits, and home additions.

This picture shows a subpanel installation

Sub Panel Installation

If you need electricity to get to places further from the main panel you may benefit from a sub panel installation. Common examples are garages, upstairs, or room additions.

This picture shows wiring for media room in Santa Barbara

Media Room Wiring and Lighting

Media and theater rooms require special wiring and smart placement of lights with dimmers for perfect ambiance and experience.

This picture shows surge protection

Surge Protection

Do you have a lot appliances and/or data you don’t want to lose? An extension cord with surge protection may not be enough. In that case, you may want to consider a whole circuit surge protection to your home or business .

This picture shows danger from wiring for pool and spa in Santa Barbara

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Wiring for hot tub, jacuzzi, and sauna. Code compliant and shock protection for Spa circuit installation.

This picture shows a commercial electrician in Santa Barbara

Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical repairs and maintenance, tenant improvements, lighting, and wiring for restaurants, offices, and commercial buildings.


this icon shows an ev charger installation

EV Charger Installation

Save time and money with efficient in-home EV charger installations.  and effective installations. All done by our licensed electricians.

Local and Family Owned

Serving Santa Barbara and Nearby Cities since 2002

This picture shows an electrician in Santa Barbara providing a residential electrical repair. He is fixing the wires next to the circuit breaker.

Electrical Repairs and Troubleshooting

What are the most common electrical problems for which you should call an electrician?

After so many years of experience, we have compiled the most common reasons people call or should have called us as soon as they noticed the following issues:

✔ Electric power dips
✔ Electrical surges
✔ Frequent breaker tripping
✔ Dimmers don’t work properly
✔ Some lights are brighter than others (same wattage)
✔ Electrical bill increased for no reason
✔ Light bulbs are burning out
✔ Outlets stop working for no reason
✔ Electrical shocks

Top Electrical Santa Barbara is equipped with knowledge and equipment to further diagnosing the cause of the above and more problems.

We love a challenge and dig deep to fix the hard-to-solve problems you may have.

Being on the field for so long gives us the know-how to fix the most difficult electrical problems that you may have. Residential and commercial. It also gives us the confidence to know which situations and options are safe and unsafe. We don’t cut corners to make money.

Electrical Installation

Our Santa Barbara electrician installs various equipment. The purpose is usually to fix an issue, add function, or value to your home or business. Light fixtures, home theaters, and spas are great examples of that. Starting with light fixtures we noted a significant increase in demand for recessed lights, track light, and landscape light installation in California homes. We often work together with property managers and real estate agents who see the value of their client’s properties rise with simple installations and upgrades as described.

This picture shows track lighting installation above the kitchen island and a chandelier installed in Santa Barbara

Electrical Remodeling and New Construction

According to a survey from Trulia, 90 percent of American homeowners plan to remodel their home at some point in life. Unless you are an investor, you may go through a home renovation only once or twice in your lifetime. That is the key time to look at an electrical remodeling, wiring upgrade, and even design of a new more efficient circuit. Only after you live in the same house for a while you know what appliances you use, where, and how.

Remodeling Electrician in Santa Barbara and surrounding area

If you are considering a home renovation or new construction, you can trust out team as your remodeling electrician in Santa Barbara. Commercial electrical renovations and procedures are different, but rest assure we are well familiar with what needs to be done. We work with contractors and are well known in the community. Our team follows the National Electrical Code (NEC), and the California regulations to ensure safety. We keep control throughout the entire project from the design, planning, construction, and wiring. Complying with code with ensure your home or business will pass an inspection.

Some of the common electrical wiring and upgrade our Santa Barbara remodeling electricians do are voltage upgrades and new circuits for home theaters, sauna, hot tubs, pools, and new room additions. We would love to connect with you and help to add function and value to your home.

Electrical Upgrades

You may have realized you have too many appliances and your current power capacity is no longer enough. It is common for people to realize that when they are looking to install a sauna, hot tub, or home theater. Moreover, commercial business often need upgrades as they add more technology to their systems. A lot of people look iinto upgrades as they remodel their home. The most common upgrade is the electrical wiring and upgrade of electrical panel. But how do you know if you should invest on such upgrades? First, consider any obvious damage and problems you had or currently have in you electrical system. Second, consider the age of your electrical system. If your panel is over 30 years old, you definitely need to look into an upgrade for safety and savings.

Besides upgrading the electrical panel, other upgrades you may want to consider include lighting, GFCIs, and wiring. You can add modern light switch features, install GFCIs, and add new wiring for additional function and safety to your home. Below are a list of some smart electrical upgrades you may want to consider:

  • Smart alarms and sensors
  • Smart home features
  • Ethernet wiring service
  • Upgrade electrical panel 
  • Modern dimmers and light switches
  • Install new outlets and GFCIs
  • Install 240V outlet
  • Install outlet for electric car


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