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Ceiling Fan Installation Santa Barbara

The weather can get quite hot in Santa Barbara during the summer. Ceiling fans can make a room much more pleasant and comfortable. In fact, they are still one of the favorite ways for US families when it comes to keeping their home cool. Plus you can install a light fixture on it. Give our electricians a call for a ceiling fan installation in Santa Barbara today!

Ceiling Fans for your Home and Business

Just like your home, your business can benefit greatly from having ceiling fans. Most of the restaurants, big stores, and supermarkets have them on with the air conditioning. Ceiling fans helps to better circulate the air and to control the temperature of the entire room. That in turn makes the AC work less, and thus, lowers the electricity bill. Nonetheless, fans are stylish and hip currently.

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Reasons to Install a Ceiling Fan 

this picture shows a ceiling fan installation in Santa Barbara along with lighting

Circulate the air and cool down a room

Ceiling fans circulate the air in a room. The direction of the blades will determine if it moves the air from up to down (to warm up a room in the presence of a heater or AC), or from down to up (to cool down a room).

Get the max comfort and savings by using a ceiling fan while running the AC

A well-installed ceiling fan will keep the temperature of the room more steady because it circulates the air. On average, if you have it on while running the air conditioning, you can  raise your thermostat by 4 degrees without feeling any less comfortable.


Ceiling fans are elegant and cool

You find them in different colors, shapes, materials, and sizes. The fans with less blades are the current favorite. Let’s find the design that matches the colors and style of your home and personality.

Add Value to Your Home

Selling or renting your home? Let’s install ceiling fans in the kitchen, living room, and in the bedrooms. Your property will likely rent or sell faster. It is just more attractive. We work with several property managers and real estate agents in Santa Barbara who have told us that renters look for houses with ceiling fans in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The buyers don’t necessarily look for that but the home gets more attractive and the seller may be able to increase the sales price a bit due to that.


Types of Ceiling Fans

The benefits of the ceiling fans are due to the blades. Blades can be very different in number and shape. Some are longer, some are shorter, some are placed at an angle. There are also differences in their thickness. To follow the trend, go with the one with the fewer blades.

Assembly and Wiring

Ceiling fans can be easier or harder to get assembled. Also, the wires need to be connected. Even though it may seem like a simple task, there are a lot of factors that can go wrong. The most common errors are when people connect the wiring. Or they may set up the fan working in reverse during Summer causing the hot air to move down. Moreover, not assembling the fan correctly can cause it to break. That can cause the need to repair or replace it sooner than you would otherwise.

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Why Call an Electrician to Install a Ceiling Fan?


Yes, you can call a handyman, or even watch a YouTube video to learn how to put a fan up by yourself.  However, there are several reasons why you want to call an electrician to install a ceiling fan in Santa Barbara. First, while the hourly rate of a handyman is cheaper, they will most likely take longer to assemble a ceiling fan than an experienced electrician like TOP Electrician Santa Barbara. Second, the fan you have will likely be different than the one being installed in the video you are watching and if you are not familiar with this at all you could cause a short circuit.

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