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Finding a reliable electrician in Montecito is not a problem. The neighborhood encompasses bigger homes with higher electrical needs which are well known to us. Popular services include residential electrical repairs, upgrades, lighting, wiring, and rewiring. Our team has a well-established reputation in Santa Barbara County and is happy to offers services to Montecito residents as well.

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If you need an experienced electrical contractor in Montecito let us show you what we can do for you. As contractors, we have so many more tools and options in our arsenal of knowledge, services, confidence, and materials to choose from. An electrician who only completed the mandatory training may charge a cheaper hourly rate but may be able to only recommend you with a couple of options because is all he can do.

Oftentimes, the options don’t fix the problem and end in frequent repairs of the same thing. In the long run, you may spend more money, time, and trouble than if you hire someone able to fully diagnose the problem and explain all the possible scenarios and solutions so you know what to expect for each price point.

We pride ourselves to ensure each dollar spent with us will go a long way to you. Call us for a free estimate Electrician Santa Barbara will go a long way. Call us for a free estimate (808) 243-1123.

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You should not need an electrician very often, but we understand that when you need one, you don’t have much time to shop around or wait for someone to call you back. Montecito is right around the corner for us in Santa Barbara and part of our routine areas to drive to. We offer free estimates and a fast and reliable service without cutting corners or skimp on materials.

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electrician Montecito

We are a family business right here in Santa Barbara, and therefore Montecito is just around the corner for us. We often visit family, friends, and customers there. Although Montecito only has about 8,245 population, it is known for beautiful mansions and a paradise for Hollywood stars. Up in the mountains the vegetation gets denser which is great for anyone wishing for privacy.

The most popular needs for an electrician in Montecito are electrical home improvements such as electrical panel upgrades, subpanels, wiring and rewiring, new light fixture installations, recessed lighting, pool, spa and hot tub wiring, wiring for home theaters, saunas, and EV chargers.

Our Electrical Services

This picture shows electrical repairs

Electrical Repair

Troubleshooting: You tell us the problem; we diagnose the cause and fix it. 

This picture shows ceiling fan installation in Santa Barbara

Ceiling Fan installation

Save your time and money by helping to pick the most cost-effective ceiling fan available.

This picture shows a light fixture installation in Santa Barbara

Indoor Light Installation

Recessed lights, track lights, undercabinet lights, vanity, and surface-mounted fixtures. 

This picture shows outlet and GFCI installation

Outlets and GFCI

Install and repair of outlets and GFCI to kitchen countertop area, garage, spa, and outdoor areas.

This picture shows wiring in Santa Barbara


Wiring for new construction. Complete house rewiring and commercial rewiring.

This picture shows panel upgrade in Santa Barbara

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Upgrade or install an electrical panel with 200 Amps.

This picture shows a subpanel installation

Subpanel Installation

Subpanel installation for your garage, upstairs, or room additions.

This picture shows wiring for media room in Santa Barbara

Media Room Wiring and Lighting

Special wiring and smart placement of lights with dimmers.

This picture shows surge protection

Surge Protection

Protect your appliances with circuit surge protection to your home or business.

This picture shows danger from wiring for pool and spa in Santa Barbara

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Wiring for hot tub, jacuzzi, SPA, and sauna.

This picture shows a commercial electrician in Santa Barbara

Commercial Electrician

Commercial and industrial maintenance, upgrades, wiring.


this icon shows an ev charger installation

EV Charger Installation

EV charger station installation for your home.

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When it comes to big projects such a electrical panel upgrades, subpanels, complete house wiring, wiring for new additions and home theaters or SPAs, choose a trusted and reliable electrician in Montecito. We will give you our best advice and a FREE non-obligation quote.

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Our electricians have extensive experience with wiring for new construction, wiring of home theaters, saunas, and EV chargers, the most common services in the Montecito area. We are honest and reliable every time.

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