When looking into remodeling a home or business, lighting is crucial. The proper type of lighting installation installed in the right place can transform any room in a totally different space. First, you can vary the type of light itself such as the temperature and color. Second, you can choose the type of fixture. Third, you will need to choose the location for light placement. All should match the style and intent you are trying to achieve in your home or business. Our team has installed thousands of lights in different places, and certainly got cool ideas for any type of style and intent you may have. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing your lighting installation.

Lighting for Home or Business?

As you may already know, residential circuits and commercial circuits carry different voltages. We suggest that you start with that just so you look at the right lighting for your circuit. The second thing to consider is that big commercial spaces may also want bigger lights. Think of big warehouses and supermarkets. They all have huge lights. And a lot of them. This brings us to the next point.

What are you going to use the space for?

What space is it and what do people do there will determine a lot about what type of lighting you need. For example, a kitchen and study area will both need a lot of lighting. A kitchen will benefit from bright lighting throughout such a recessed lighting, and also task lighting such as undercabinet lights. However, an office/study area needs more task lighting such as pendants, lamps over the desk, and depending on the size of the room, a pendant light in the middle of the room. Living rooms also benefit from recessed lights. However, if your style is more classic or elegant, you should look into likewise pendant lights and chandeliers.

Task lighting

We touched this on the previous point when deciding what activity you are doing in that room. Study and computer work are great examples. Bathroom vanity lighting is another great example. Basically task lighting is a stronger light to improve a specific task. You will need to match that with the lighting you choose as your ambient lighting.

Accent lighting features

Accent lighting is perfect to highlight a particular area in a room. For example, a piece of art, a picture on a wall, a part of your garden, or the entrance of your house. You can use wall lighting, track lighting, recessed spotlighting, and picture lighting to catch the eye of anyone entering your room.

Consider Cost-Efficiency

Choosing a light fixture is as important as choosing where to install it. Some people may think that a bright room needs a lot of light which is not always the case. Placing lights in the right place can create a much brighter room. Placing more lights in the wrong places may make a minimal difference. Sometimes, running an extra wire to install lighting in a different part of the room is necessary and your licensed electrician Pasadena will let your know the pros and cons.

Lighting Design

Lighting design can help with choosing the fixture and its placement It takes into account the function of the room and everything else we mentioned in this article. For the fixture, it is important that you consider the style of your home or business, and that you are consistent throughout. For example, a more modern style will go well with recessed lighting or sputnik chandelier. A vintage style will go well with some branch, flower like pattern with crystals. A more elegant style will look good with many pendant lights at different heights. Try to not go crazy and stick with the same style throughout the room.

Lighting is a big factor when it comes to upgrading and enhancing the appearance of your property. This is true for both, a home and a business. Lights follow a style, add personality, highlight a room, and add function to the targeted area. Choosing wisely is important to keep it cost effective. We recommend that you follow these directions when deciding on the type of lighting you will be using. Working with a team such as TOP Electrician Santa Barbara will give you the confidence and extra knowledge for better ideas and solutions to your lighting. In some cases, running new wiring may make sense, and we will discuss that with you too.