You may have considered installing new ceiling lights even without existing wiring. Light fixtures add function, beauty, and elegance to any place. There are endless options of light fixtures that you can choose from to achieve those goals. Whether you are reading, writing, cooking, or typing on the computer, the lighter, the better. For your vision, and your satisfaction with those activities.

How to Choose Where to Add Light Fixtures?

The first thing is to identify the areas of your house that could benefit from lighting. For example, by a desk, over the dining table, over the kitchen, under the cabinets, in the shower, etc. Think of the areas where you had wished for it to be brighter for specific tasks. Aesthetically you can think of recessed lighting, and a nicer chandelier to elevate the living room for example.

The second thing is to identify if there is already a place to install lighting around that area, or if the electrician will need to pull wires to that area, and for how far. This takes us to the next topic: the cost of lighting installation.

How to Install a Light Fixture?

This can be as easy as a DIY task if there is a previous fixture there. If so, you may just want to get a nicer and brighter light fixture and swap those out. Some people are comfortable changing the fixture themselves, others hire an electrician for peace of mind. If you have no prior experience with electrical and don’t know much about it, please leave it for the experts. When dealing with electrical there are always risks of hazards. Plus, you may end up damaging the wiring or the fixture itself.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Light Fixture?

The installation cost of lighting depends on many factors such as:

  • the amount of lighting required
  • the type of fixture
  • the existence of a previous fixture
  • the distance to run wiring if needed
  • the electrician’s hourly rate.

If you decide to install the light fixture yourself, your expenses will only be the light fixture and the tools required to install it. You will probably need at least a screwdriver, voltage detector, wire nuts, and wire strippers. However, it will vary depending on the light fixture.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Ceiling Light With Existing Wiring?

If you hire an electrician to install a light fixture with existing wiring, the cost should just be the hourly rate. Assuming the wiring is good, it is a quick task, and you should be able to get it done at a minimal cost (one hour of labor).

What is the Price to Install a Ceiling Light Without Previous Wiring?

If there is no previous light fixture, that means you need to hire an electrician to run wires to wherever you want the light to be installed at. You may already have guessed that the more wiring the electrician needs to run, the pricier it will get. For both, materials and labor. In other words, the further away it is, the more wire need to be used. That being said, some light fixture installations can be a couple of hundred dollars all the way to thousands if the place is really far away from the power.

How to Add a New Light Fixture at Minimal Cost?

If you just moved into a new place, we recommend you to check what areas of the house are brighter and what areas are darker. Also, check where the receptacles for fixtures and outlets are. You can then plan where you will set up your study/work areas (e.g. desks, reading chairs, dining table, etc). That way you may not need to run any wiring. Or if you do, maybe shorter (meaning cheaper) since you are aware of that.

Even if you have been living in your place for a while, you can still move things around to make it more efficient for lighting and brightness. Move your desk and working areas to right under a light fixture. If the fixture is not too bright, it is worth it to change it and replace it with a brighter light.

Want a Quote on Installing a Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring?

Now that you know the range to run wiring to a new ceiling light can be so wide, it makes sense to have an accurate quote for your situation. Call TOP Electrician Santa Barbara for an estimate. Our local electricians will be sure to measure and give you the best price possible, followed by the best service and satisfaction guaranteed.