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Light Fixture Installation Santa Barbara

The brightness of your home can really improve the amount of enjoyment you get out of it. That is the reason why light fixture installation in Santa Barbara is a very popular daily service of our crew. Lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. They now play a part in Santa Barbara home design! Do you need help installing lights for your home? Did you know that there are many types of lights? Depending on the purpose of your lights, there are 3 main different types of lights.

 Ambient Lighting

  • Most common and also known as “natural lighting”. The purpose of ambient lighting is to evenly and softly blanket an entire space. There shouldn’t be any harsh glares. This allows your eyes to relax.
  • It is functional and allows you to enjoy an area that would normally be too dark.

Accent Lighting

  • Accent lighting is meant to draw your focus or attention to an object by shining on it. For example, it can be a focused beam of light on an art piece. Landscape lighting is also usually a form of accent light. In other cases, the light itself can be the focal point like with Christmas tree lights.
  • This is a decorative style of illumination. It is meant to show the importance of another object.

Task Lighting

  • Task lighting is also a focused form of illumination, but it is functional instead of decorative. First, task lighting helps you do a task (hence the name!). By directing the finer light onto an object it’ll help you to focus. Second, task lighting is good for reading, and working on projects such as cooking, sewing, and writing to name a few.
  • Task lighting helps to stimulate the brain due to the contrasting focused light. Even though they are both forms of function al lighting, it is much better at helping you concentrate and keeping you awake compared to ambient light.

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Light Fixture Ideas

This picture shows recessed lighting installation in Santa Barbara. Beautiful track lights over a kitchen counter and island.
This picture shows track light installation in Santa Barbara. Track lighting installed above the kitchen island.
This picture shows light installation in a Santa Barbara home by our electricians.

Track Lights

Track lighting contains multiple light fixtures attached to a long supporting structure, known as the track. Tracks to not need to be straight, and modern track lighting is often very curvy to fit a room or be very decorative. Most track lights can be pointed from the track, like a spotlight. This adds accent decoration to your home.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are located inside the ceiling rather than on the ceiling. To install recessed lighting, you’ll need a place in the ceiling to place the light. That hole will also need wiring to connect with your electrical pane. You can’t just decide you will install recessed lights without a little bit of advanced planning!  Recessed lighting is a very trendy and modern form of lighting in Santa Barbara. They are often accompanied with dimming capabilities and can make your home feel like a museum or movie theater. With this functionality, recessed lights can be both ambient, task, or accent lights.


A pendant light is a single light or light fixture hanging from a single suspension line. Pendants are highly decorative and modern in style. Moreover, they are also very versatile. Pendants can be used for ambient, accent, or task lighting! Expect to see pendant lights when decoration is important. It is common to see pendants in a home entrance, dining room, and living room. You may also see them in hotel lobbies and classy restaurants.


Chandeliers have been around for a very long time and probably don’t need any introduction. They are considered a traditional and classy form of lighting. Like pendants, chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling. Instead of it just being one light being suspended, chandeliers branch out to hold multiple lights. Chandeliers can resemble upside down trees, but modern designs can look very different.

Chandeliers can add a form of elegance or contemporary style to any home. It will most likely be situated in gathering areas or entrances where you want to give a big first impression. The dining room or large foyer or entrance area would be where to put one. They are also commonly seen in ballrooms and dining halls.

At Top Electrician Santa Barbara, we will be able to install any light fixture you buy. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help brighten up your home!

Cost of Light Installation

At Top Electrician Santa Barbara, give us your lighting ideas and we can install them. The cost of light installation in Santa Barbara is based on several factors. The more complicated the installation, the more the cost. Here are the factors we consider in order of increasing complexity:

  1. Do we need to install new wiring? If we are replacing an existing light, then no wiring is usually needed. If there is no existing light, then wiring and possibly a new light switch will need to be configured.
  2. Is wire covering needed? For houses and newer developments, it is often possible to lay the wires behind the wall or behind the ceiling. This is not always the case. In condominiums and apartments especially, it is hard to go through the ceiling. If we are unable to hide the wires, we will have to encase them in either wood molding or metal conduits. Most people prefer wood in their homes. The choice is purely for design.

If wiring is needed, the more wires and coverings required increase the cost. This may sound obvious, but sometimes it is not easy to gauge how much material is needed if you’re not an electrician. It is possible that the wires may also need to be taken into the electric panel. Or a sub panel if you have one.
These are just some of the factors to consider when installing a light fixture. For more complex fixtures such as track or recessed lighting, there could be a lot more factors! If you want to get an accurate quote for installing your lights, give Top Electrician Santa Barbara a call.

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