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Outdoor Lighting Installation Santa Barbara

Well placed outdoor lighting can make any Santa Barbara yard look amazing at night. It’s important to use a knowledgeable electrician when designing your outdoor lighting installation in Santa Barbara. Outdoor electrical work is a specialty for normal electrician work. There are different factors to consider for everything electrical because all supplies and materials will need to be able to handle the changing environment.

Before any commitments or deposits, it’s important for us to have a consultation to find out your wants and needs.

  • Are you trying to light the area to show it off?
  • Are you using the light to create an area to hang out at?
  • Do you want to illuminate your entire yard or just in certain areas?


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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Depending on the desired result of your landscape lighting in Santa Barbara, you’ll want to pick the correct light fixture. It is usually preferred that all light fixtures blend in or are hidden from normal view during the day. An exception is if you want the light to be the centerpiece. The amount of lights needed, and direction of the beam are important for design. Colored or white accent lights can bring out stunning shadows and textures from even common place plants and trees.

The most common choice for outdoor lighting are LEDs because they are created to be the best at absorbing heat. In the dry California climate, having your plants burn due to poor lighting fixture choices can be a disaster to your yard, and possibly your home. All lights must also be made of materials that can withstand moisture and rain.


Outdoor wires are different than indoor wires. While it may be ok to use outdoor wires indoors, you should never use indoor wires for the exterior. Exterior type wires need extra protection from changing temperatures and the weather that indoor wires don’t need to contend with. Protecting your wires from pests will also be important for the longevity of your set up. Often case, having the wires underground is preferred and needs to be planned out.

Patio Lighting

If you wish to set up lighting for a patio area, it is different than lighting up your yard. The purpose for your patio is to have a spot to enjoy outside. It is more like lighting a room in your home. Unlike a room though, all the wires and light fixtures used need to be able to handle being outside. If the exterior factors are not taken into consideration, your lights can wear out very quickly or cause an electrical accident.
Whether it’s a ceiling fan, strong accent lighting, or even motion sensor lights, we can help install all your lighting options at Top Electrician Santa Barbara!

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