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When it comes to finding a reliable electrician is Santa Barbara, we are your trusted family you can count on. Our services include residential and commercial electrical repairs, upgrades, lighting, wiring, and rewiring.

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Electrical problems can develop gradually or sometimes there are no previous warning signs. In which case, homeowners and business owners face the trouble to search for electricians with a good reputation who don’t charge an arm and a leg and provide good quality electrical work at the same time.

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As an experienced electrical contractor in Santa Barbara, my mission is to provide all electrical services to the best of my ability. As electricians, we all face similar training, but only some go the extra mile to achieve an electrical contractor license and obtain knowledge and experience in all fields. Facing different scenarios in residential, commercial, and industrial jobs, working with different materials, teams, and vendors increases the arsenal of tools in a way that can only benefit the customer. More experience means the ability to recommend and provide the best options, solutions, and materials to each problem. Your money spent with TOP Electrician Santa Barbara will go a long way.

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With a rising population of about 91,376 in the Santa Barbara city, and 446,499 in the Santa Barbara County, we have been enjoying a lot of growth and development in our area lately. Santa Barbara is often referred to as “The American Riviera” due to the great warm climate just like the French Rivera. Californians love to do come on quick get-away trips to enjoy the sun, food, beach, and nature that we have to offer here in the city of Santa Barbara.

I love how we are close enough to Los Angeles (about 90 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles or 2-3 hour drive), yet far enough from the crowd able to really feel much more relaxed and connected to nature. If you are a Santa Barbara resident you may have explored the Santa Ynez Mountains, the chaparral, oaks, and sandstone outcrops. We have beautiful sceneries here. Not to miss the wineries, zoological gardens, and the famous Stearns Wharf.

If you just move here, welcome! We highly recommend that you take advantage of the gorgeous weather and nature. If you own a home, we recommend you keeping it up to date on improvements and the electrical systems are no exception. Home values have gone up significantly and nice light fixtures, ceiling fans, main panel and breaker upgrades and wiring in good condition will be a plus on ensuring your home value goes up and not down.

Our Services

This picture shows electrical repairs

Electrical Repair

Troubleshooting: You tell us the problem; we diagnose the cause and fix it. 

This picture shows ceiling fan installation in Santa Barbara

Ceiling Fan installation

Save your time and money by helping to pick the most cost-effective ceiling fan available.

This picture shows a light fixture installation in Santa Barbara

Indoor Light Installation

Recessed lights, track lights, undercabinet lights, vanity, and surface-mounted fixtures. 

This picture shows outlet and GFCI installation

Outlets and GFCI

Install and repair of outlets and GFCI to kitchen countertop area, garage, spa, and outdoor areas.

This picture shows wiring in Santa Barbara


Wiring for new construction. Complete house rewiring and commercial rewiring.

This picture shows panel upgrade in Santa Barbara

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Upgrade or install an electrical panel with 200 Amps.

This picture shows a subpanel installation

Subpanel Installation

Subpanel installation for your garage, upstairs, or room additions.

This picture shows wiring for media room in Santa Barbara

Media Room Wiring and Lighting

Special wiring and smart placement of lights with dimmers.

This picture shows surge protection

Surge Protection

Protect your appliances with circuit surge protection to your home or business.

This picture shows danger from wiring for pool and spa in Santa Barbara

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Wiring for hot tub, jacuzzi, SPA, and sauna.

This picture shows a commercial electrician in Santa Barbara

Commercial Electrician

Commercial and industrial maintenance, upgrades, wiring.


this icon shows an ev charger installation

EV Charger Installation

EV charger station installation for your home.

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When it comes to big projects such a circuit breaker installation, upgrade, or a complete house wiring, choosing a trusted and reliable electrician in Santa Barbara County. We will give you our best advice and a FREE non-obligation quote.

About Santa Barbara

Depending on where you live in Santa Barbara, you may notice that different neighborhoods have quite a different looks and feel to them. Here are some examples, in no particular order:

Mesa: Mesa is the “beach vibe” area, stretching 2.5 miles from Santa Barbara City College on the east to Arroyo Burro County Beach on the west. This is a desirable neighborhood to visit or live in due to its proximity to the ocean as well as the Santa Barbara City College.

Bel Air and Alta Mesa are pretty much residential and great if you are looking for a home with views. Depending on where you are you can have views of downtown Santa Barbara, the Riviera, Santa Ynez Mountains, the entire coast to Ventura and beyond, and even the Channel Islands. You can even see the sunrise from certain spots which is rare if not impossible in the rest of California. We often get requests for electricians in Bel Air and Alta Mesa for electrical upgrades such as recessed lighting, panel upgrades, and even SPA/hot tub wiring.

✔ Mission Canyon is another residential area. This area is denser on vegetation and you can have nice hiking here. Most of our electrician services in Mission Canyon are residential, commonly panel upgrades, EV chargers, lighting.

Riviera faces the ocean on a hill. The architecture is different, it has winding streets with intricate stonework terraces. It resembles the Mediterranean and history tells us part of it was built by early 20th-century Italian immigrants. If you are looking for views, this is another area you may want to live in. Similar to Bel Air, we notice that homeowners in this area really invest in modernizing their electrical lighting, wiring, and panel capacity.

✔ The Westside and the Eastside area school and college areas. You will see a lot of college students living here due to its proximity to Santa Barbara City College, and several High schools. Electricians are commonly called for electrical repairs and maintenance for homes, condos, and businesses.

✔ Eucalyptus Hill is at the end of Santa Barbara, bordering Montecito. This neighborhood is residential as well and has beautiful houses up the hill. Houses are well spaced from each other and vegetation gets denser as well. Similar to other local residential areas, electricians in Eucalyptus Hill are needed for home electrical repairs, panel repairs and upgrades, complete home rewiring, and more.

Downtown, Lower EstateWaterfront are more commercial and tourist areas. People look for electricians here for all commercial electrical repairs, lighting, wiring for new additions to the business, and more.

✔ Upper East and Oak Park are both a residential and commercial district. You can see here medical facilities, offices, shops. Our services are mostly commercial as well.

✔ San Roque and East San Roque are located northwest of the downtown area. Many local residents live here and the prices are cheaper for homes and rentals. An interesting fact is that San Roque appears to be 5 degrees warmer than the coastal areas on a daily basis. An electrician in San Roque will be your best friend to install powerful ceiling fans, and/or upgrade your electrical panel to install an air conditioning system. From San Roque, you can go up to Foothill and you will notice the vegetation becomes denser.

✔ Samarkand has an interesting history as it comes from an old Persian word. Electricians in Samarkand are usually needed for residential jobs as well.

✔ Hope Ranch is considered an upscale community west of Santa Barbara city, before Goleta. The name identified an equestrian community, which is true, most people here own horses.

✔ Summerland is just 6 miles away from Santa Barbara and a nice spot for boutique and antique shops, surf culture, antiques, and relaxation through wine, horseback riding and simply enjoying the beauty away from the crowd. The area is small but more compacted with smaller lots for each house.

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