Recessed lighting has been growing in popularity for decades, especially this past decade. Real estate agents see their listing bid higher on properties with certain upgrades, and recessed lighting is one of that. In truth this is not a cheap upgrade to do to. Homeowners seems to know and understand that well.

In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the reasons why recessed lighting is so popular as a home lighting option.

Bigger Room

Recessed lighting has become popular in small rooms as it makes them seem bigger. First, it does not occupy any space itself since it is inbuilt. Because the lamps and housing are located inside the ceiling, nothing hangs down disrupting the view of the room. Second, light always makes a room bigger. These are popular reasons why recessed lighting became so popular in small rooms or in a room where the space is not that great.

The Wall washing Effect

This type of fixture created a “wall washing” effect. Wall washing is a lighting effect that casts more light into a room by use of the right tile. In general, you can use wall decoration such as a reflector and if you have a sloped ceiling, look for an “eyeball”.

Keep in mind the lights should be spaced out properly from each other in order for this to work. They should be separated from each other at the same distance from the wall.

For example, if the ceiling is 9 meters high, we recommend to add fixtures 2-3 meters away from the wall and from each other. If you have a higher ceiling, then the distance should also increase. Finally, you should direct the lighting towards the wall by using reflectors. Aim to fill the wall with overlapping scattered light.

Highlight an Object

In-build lighting can be placed and pointed at a particular part of the house to highlight it. Common examples are pieces of art, special furniture, paintings, plants, wall bookcase etc. You may want one right above your desk as well.


Some recessed lights can have some color to it. This makes more sense if you are highlighting some art, or playing with the light itself to create an ambiance. This is where you can also get creative.

A modern interior design relies on space and light. Clutter is not desirable, and recessed lighting fixtures are perfect as they don’t take space away from the room. As they are inserted inside walls and ceilings causing a spotlighting and wall-washing effects as desired.


Primary light, or accent lighting?

Well, either or. Or you can do both. It depends on your goal. Fewer lights will be more of an ambiance. For example, above the kitchen light, the shower, or pointing at some art. Many lights can work together so well where they become the primary source of lights. You may just want to say goodbye to pendants and chandeliers.

The wall washing effect requires multiple lights and creates a light bouncing feel and effect over the entire room.

If you are undecided how recessed lighting can help you increase the value and satisfaction with your current home, give a call to our experts and let them guide you through the options and estimates.